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Here you can see my compositional output with links to existing recordings.

Piano Solo

Etude in Four Movements (2008)

Fugue No.1 in A minor (2011)

Fugue No.2 (2014)

Piano Suite (2014?)

  • Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (????)

  • Impromptu 

  • Nocturne

Loch Lomond arr. (2020)

O' Christmas Tree Variations (2021)

Dōyō for Piano

  1. Red Dragonfly (2021)​

  2. Moon Over Ruined Castle (TBC)

Piano four-hands

Winter Wonderland (2016)

Dance (2017) (re-edit 2021)

O' Christmas Tree Variations (2019, 2021)

Voice and piano

Kaneko Misuzu Settings for High Voice (2017)

  1. A Bell, A Bird and Me

  2. When I am Sad

  3. Stars and Dandelions

  4. Big Catch

  5. Cocoon and Grave

  6. Are You an Echo? (2021)

American Songbook duet arrangements (2018)

  • A Fine Romance

  • Cheek to Cheek

  • Close as Pages in a Book

  • Night and Day

  • Tender is the Night

Violin and piano

Fantasy on Japanese Themes (2021)

Jazz Sonata (2008)

Overture ??

Flute and piano

Topsy-Turvy (2020-2021)



Piano and String Quartet

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas arr. (2020)

Flute and String Quartet



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